Tourist Places to Visit in Ariyalur District

Ariyalur district is conferred with a large number of historically important places and temples. The district is also known for its rich prehistoric fossils.  Ariyalur is  overloaded with history and a vibrant local cultural ethos. Ariyalur is full of temples, monuments and scriptures that are significant to not just Hinduism, but to Christianity, Buddhism etc. One such example is ‘Gangaikonda cholisvarar temple’ a living embodiment of the victory of Tamils which has also been declared as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

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  1. Gangaikonda Cholisvarar Temple- Gangai Konda Cholapuram
  2. Vettakudi Karaivetti Bird Sanctuary
  3. Sundaresvarar Temple – Melapalavur and Twin Temples – Keezhaiyur
  4. Alanduraiyar Temple – Keelapaluvur
  5. Vaidyanatha Swami Temple – Thirumazhapadi
  6. Karkodeshwarar Temple – Kamarasavalli
  7. Ganga Jadadisvarar Temple – Govindaputtur
  8. Rajendra Cholisvaram Temple and Buddha Statue – Vikkiramangalam
  9. Kallankurichi Kaliya Perumal Kovil
  10. Kodandarmaswamy Temple – Ariyalur
  11. Elakurichi Church
  12. Shiva Temples in Sendurai, Sennivanam and Sripurandan