Thalikku Thangam Scheme for poor girls in TamilNadu

The government of Tamil Nadu facilitates the educational status of the girl child and helps the poor parents during the marriage of their daughter by providing some assistance. Thalikku Thangam Thittam Scheme in TamilNadu Moovalur Ramamirtham Ammaiyar Ninaivu Marriage Assistance Scheme is provided to the people of Tamil Nadu under the name so called “Thalikku […]

How to get Inter caste Marriage assistance scheme from Tamil Nadu government

The scheme was introduced by the government of Tamil Nadu, in order to eradicate untouchability and to abolish caste and community based on birth. What is the name of intercaste marriage assistance scheme? The intercaste marriage assistance is given under name so called,”Dr. MUTHULAKSHMI REDDY NINAIVU INTER-CASTE MARRIAGE ASSISTANCE SCHEME”. This assistance is provided for […]


The scheme was introduced by the government of Tamil Nadu, in order to help orphans financially during the time of marriage. What is name of the scheme that  provides marriage assistance to orphan girls? The name of the scheme that provides marriage assistance to orphan girls is “Annai Theresa Ninaivu Marriage Assistance Scheme for Orphan […]

Widow Remarriage Assistance Scheme in Tamil nadu

The scheme was introduced by the government of Tamil Nadu, in order to encourage widow remarriage and rehabilitate widows. The main objective of this scheme is to encourage the financial growth of the widows. What is the name of the Widow Remarriage Assistance Scheme? The name of the Widow Remarriage Assistance Scheme is “Dr. Dharmambal Ammaiyar […]

Marriage Assistance Scheme For Poor Widow’s Daughter in Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu state government has launched several welfare Schemes for the benefit of poor and under prevailed people. One of the most important  and widely used Scheme is Marriage assistance Scheme for the Poor widow’s daughter is E.V.R. Maniammaiyar Ninaivu Poor Widow Daughter’s Marriage Assistance Scheme.  What’s the name of the Marriage Assistance Scheme For Daughters Of […]

Physically handicapped or disability pension scheme in Tamil Nadu

How to get destitute physically handicapped pension in Tamil Nadu ? Eligibility Requirements for the Destitute physically handicapped pension Scheme in Tamil Nadu  The age limit of the person who apply for this scheme must be above 45 years. The person with minimum of 50% disability can apply for this pension. They must have no […]

Stamp duty and Registration fee in Tamil Nadu registrar office

There are 575 number of sub registrar offices in the state of Tamilnadu located across 33 districts. All the Sub registrar offices carryout the below document registration as per the chart. The Registration and stamp paper fee is provided as below. The list is updated as on date. Stamp duty and Registration fee for Conveyance […]

Free bus pass scheme for school students in tamilnadu

Free Bus pass scheme for School Students in Tamilnadu What is the Purpose of free Bus Pass scheme in Tamilnadu ? To facilitates the students to reach on time and safely To Reduce the financial burden of the Poor students / parents To avoid school drop outs because of the longer distance especially in villages. […]

How to apply for widow pension in Tamilnadu

  Destitute Widow Pension Scheme in Tamilnadu Eligibility Requirements for the Widow Pension Scheme in Tamil Nadu There are no upper age limit for getting the widow pension, the minimum age should be above 21 years of age.  The Widower must have no other source of Income in any form, eligible only for widow, who […]

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