Physically handicapped or disability pension scheme in Tamil Nadu

How to get destitute physically handicapped pension in Tamil Nadu ?

Eligibility Requirements for the Destitute physically handicapped pension Scheme in Tamil Nadu

  1.  The age limit of the person who apply for this scheme must be above 45 years.
  2. The person with minimum of 50% disability can apply for this pension.
  3. They must have no source of income.
  4. The person who apply for this scheme must not be a professional beggar.
  5. The person must not be supported finacially by son or grand son aged above 20 years.
  6. If the person has to avail this pension scheme without considering their age limit then they have to be recommended by the District Committee constituted by the District Collector, District Social Welfare Officer and District Medical Officer. If the District Committee constitute recommends, then age limit will not be a constrain to get this pension.
  7. The person should not posses any property worth more than Rs.5,000/-
  8. The person  with total blindness can get this pension without any age limit.
  9. The person who lost both their legs do not need any medicial certificate to get this pension.

Documents Required for Availing the Destitute phycially handicapped pension

1. Passport size photo

2. Aadhaar card

3. Ration card

4. Photocopy of medical certificate from specialised doctors

5. Community certificate

Whom to Contact for Availing the Destitute physically handicapped Pension ?

This scheme comes under the department of ‘Social Welfare and Nutritious Meal Programme Department’.  If person fulfills the above requirement, then he is eligible to get this pension. So in order to avail this facility he has to contact Tahsildar/Special Tahsildar (Social Security Scheme)  in the respective revenue / Corporation office.

How much pension does destitute phycially handicapped gets inTamilnadu ?

In Tamil Nadu Destitute Physically Handicapped persons whose disability is more than 50 per cent and blind persons will get the amount of  Rs.1000/- per month

Which is the department responsible for monitoring the destitute physically handicapped pension scheme in Tamil Nadu ?

The Destitute Physically handicapped pension in Tamilnadu is distributed through Social Welfare and Nutritious Meal Department. To avail this facility, you have to contact Tahsildar/Special Tahsildar (Social Security Scheme.)

Suddenly Destitute Handicapped Pension Stopped, What can i do ?

No Problem, You need not to reapply again. Contact your respective Taluk Tahsildar / District Collector office to get all the dues in time.