Kuligai Timings

According to Hindu astrology, Kuligai is believed to be the son of Lord Sani or Saturn. Kuligai is also known as ‘Maandi’. Kuligai kalam is not allotted a day of the week but rules over about 1.5 hours of every day. Auspicious ceremonies like marriage are avoided during kuligai kaalam.  As this kuligai kalam is ruled over by Saturn. It is believed that during this time any bad or inauspicious activities also should not be performed. For example, death rites should be avoided during this time.  It is believed that any activity that is done on kuligai kalam repeats, so it advisable to avoid doing any inauspicious activities during the kuligai kalam.

Kuligai kalam is the particular time and it lasts for 90 minutes or 1.5 hours everyday. Like rahu kalam and yamagandam, Kuligai Kalam also calculated based on Sunrise and Sunset Time.

Our Ancestors derived kuligai timings and followed for hundreds of years with great belief. As per them, its advisable to avoid these timings for carrying out any auspicious as well as inauspicious activity.

Sunday3 to 4.30 PM
Monday1.30 to 3 PM
Tuesday12 Noon to 1.30 PM
Wednesday10.30 to 12 AM
Thursday9 to 10.30 AM
Friday7.30 to 9 AM
Saturday6 to 7.30 AM





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