How to get Patta Chitta online

What is Patta?

The State government issues the document to certify the ownership and location of the respective land. This legal document is called as Patta. The document can be obtained from the Tahsildar’s office of the respective district.

What is Chitta?

Chitta is the land revenue document maintained by the Taluk office and the Village Administrative Officer (VAO). This document includes information about the ownership, size, and area of the land. This document is also used to classify the respective piece of land into nanjai (wetland) or punjai (dry land).

Patta Chitta

The state government has changed the system of issuing patta document and chitta document. From 2015, Tamil Nadu state government started to issue these documents as single document under the name, so called ‘Patta Chitta’.

Documents Required

The following documents are needed for are applying Patta Chitta documents as per the official website of the Tamil Nadu land records: –

1.The original sale deed along with a verified photocopy of the deed needs to be submitted at the Tahsildar’s office.

2. Any proof of possession of the property which may be an electricity bill, tax payment receipt or even the encumbrance certificate.

How to get Patta Chitta (A-Register) online?

Step 1:

Log on to the official website of the Tamil Nadu Land Records ‘’ and select the option ‘View A-Register Extract’.

Step 2:

Enter the district and the area where the property is located, i.e., rural or urban, and click on ‘Submit’

Step 3: 

Select the ‘Taluk’ and ‘Village’ from the drop-down box. If you know the ‘Survey Number’ option then select and enter the ‘Survey Number’ and ‘Sub Division Number’.

Or if you know ‘Patta Number’,then enter the ‘Patta Number’ and authentication value and click on ‘Submit’.

Step 4:

After you have submitted all the information, the applicant has to pay the fee of Rs.60/- and online Patta Chitta registration process have been completed.

Now the applicant will receive an online Patta Chitta certificate comprising complete details about the property, such as the locality, land size, type of land, tax details, type of property constructed on land and survey number, and other related details.